The Pueblo Dollar


Earn one Pueblo Dollar per hour when you volunteer with our partner organizations.


Our members voluntarily offer services to one another in exchange for Pueblo Dollars.


Use the Pueblo Dollars you earn to claim rewards donated by our generous sponsors.

Powering the SDGs.

Eligibility for Pueblo Dollar rewards is based on the comprehensive framework of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Do you volunteer with projects that support any of the 17 goals outlined in the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development?

If so, you are already part of a global movement of people working to make this planet a better place. You deserve Pueblo Dollars.

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We help those who help others. Thank you for your service!


Pueblo Dollar supports your organization's mission.


Give back to the volunteers that take care of your community.


We can't do this without the generosity of donors like you.

1 Hour = 1 Pueblo Dollar

The Pueblo Dollar is a new way to reward volunteers. One new Pueblo Dollar is issued per hour volunteered with charitable organizations.

Contributor Credit = 1000:1

Contributor Credit is a non-transferable negative balance limit. Earn 100 Credits with every volunteer hour claimed, or as a gift for each $1 donated.

Who We Are

Pete Moss

Pete's background in digital marketing, web development, blockchain, and activism laid the foundation for launching Pueblo Dollar in 2018.

Josh Maynard

Josh created Direct Colorado, a non-profit dedicated to voter empowerment, to change laws without the need for politicians.

Rev. Bruce Wright

Bruce has ministered to the poor and homeless for over 25 years, standing up for human rights, speaking truth to power, and working for peace.

Sponsor the People

Sponsors contribute (tax-deductible) gifts for volunteer appreciation. Sponsors may benefit from brand visibility and association with causes.

Sustainable Impact

Donated funds are primarily directed toward capacity building for sustainable communities that supports all people including volunteers.

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(USA) +1 720 443 3398

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